Best Laser Temperature Gun – Instant Protection from COVID 19

The best laser temperature gun can help you immediately in this ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we must keep personal safety equipment at our homes right now.
If we look at our topic today, we all need the right kind of infrared (IR) thermometer for our safety. There are lots of uses of non-touch thermometers.
At first, the most common are “human temperature measurement thermometers.” The others categories are Object temperature detectors like- Air Conditioner Temperature, Food Temperature, Cooking Temperature. Even more, It can also measure Car Engine Temperature, Office Floor Temperature, etc.
Now a day’s there is a variety of Thermometer Temperature Reading Technology. However, we have chosen the best for our reviews.

7 Best Laser Temperature Gun Review

Take a look at the infrared thermometers below and choose your desired one regarding your budget and applications.

Customer Rating:

WITHINGS Thermometer

The smart thermometer is in the first place of our review list. This thermometer has FSA Eligibility. It is really smart thermometer perfect for your family. To take place in #01 this thermometer has a special feature of 16 infrared sensors. These sensors take over 4000 measurements to provide high-accuracy and quality results.

Nokia Health is now Withings and it comes with a high-quality Wi-Fi app for Android and IOS. You can measure and keep a record of your temperature history easily in the app. Your data will automatically synchronize after every measurement.

Moreover, this is a multi-user-friendly device. Up to 8 users can access the app and keep their personal temperature history. Finally, they can share results with their doctors later.

Key Features:

  • FDA Cleared
  • FSAs and HSAs Eligible
  • Android and IOS App for 8 Users Access
  • 16 Infrared sensors to take 4000+ measurements for high-accuracy
  • Previously Nokia Health, Now Withings Smart Thermo
  • No contact with skin required



Bottom Line:

In conclusion, WITHINGS Non-Touch Forehead Infrared Thermometer was previously Nokia Health. It has an awesome app to store records. 16 Infrared sensors are great for accuracy. So, this is the best value product you will definitely love.

Customer Rating:

REED Thermometer:

REED is in the second place of our choice in terms of the laser temperature gun. This is one of the infrared laser thermometer on the market right now. Reed R2310 has a 12:1 distance ratio. The built-in laser pointer targets the area with great accuracy. Moreover, it has a 3 meter (9.8ft) distance covering capacity. Backlit display with high/low alarm made this product a quality one. This is a perfect laser thermometer for cooking.

It is a quality product with the best-infrared sensor that can read within 250ms. The emissivity is adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0. Another key point is, this product is drop-tested and water-resistant. 
The quality back-light comes in three colors – Red, Yellow, and Green. The Red is for high temperature, the Yellow is for a medium, and the Green is for normal temperature. You can also use this thermometer at night for ease.

Key Features:

  • FDA Cleared
  • Lab Tasted From DETROIT, MI USA.
  • Removable Battery and Long-Lasting power
  • Easy Emissivity Adjustment
  • Three Color LCD Backlight Display
  • Audible Alarm Output
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit Switch
  • 3000+ Measuring Times with 2AAA Alkaline Batteries



Bottom Line:

At first, REED has an intelligent power-saving mode. It will last the battery life longer, Then, This is an all-rounder reader from -31 to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, Fast response with 10 memory records. It is one of the best infrared thermometer for cooking. This is why we RECOMMEND you this device. 

Customer Rating:

JUMPER Thermometer:

In the third place, another best-infrared thermometer “Jumper Digital Thermometer” from SABLE. One of the best non-contact thermometers detects the temperature within 0.5 to 2.0 inches. This is also another All-Rounder device that can work both for humans and objects. This device comes with 1-second detection, multi-measurement. Also with power saving mode, silent mode, hygienic, and easy to operate.

There is also a dual-mode for temperature. It is switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The automatic power-off function turns off the device in 10 seconds. Hence, it will save a lot of power in the long run with the same battery.
For family, there are 20 records of recent results stored in the device. However, you can recall it at any time. This device fits almost all the scenarios. Use it for all ages, adults, infants, children, and elders. This device also supports the room, food, liquid, and various object measurement.

Key Features:

  • FDA Approved, Safer and Accurate
  • Easy Dual Mode Switch Between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Single Button Measurement and Auto Power Off
  • 20 Records of Recent Measurements
  • Designed for All Scenario Like Adults, Child, Infants, Room, Liquid, Food, etc.




JUMPER is one of the best all-around devices. It can read temperature for both humans and objects. The quality of this product is really remarkable. FDA approved, safer, and accurate, what needs more?

Customer Rating:


In fourth place of our list is Etekcity Lasergrip 774. This is a quality product for measuring the temperature. Though, it has a limitation of not reading the human temperature. The most important feature of this device is the dual laser and the measuring distance. The dual laser can target the objects with accuracy and it can measure up to 36 cm (14.17 inches).

Another feature of the device is the emissivity adjustment. You can adjust emissivity for the different surface types to improve measurement accuracy. The measurement range is also noticeable from -58℉ to 1076℉ (-50℃ to 580℃). Change the mode from Fahrenheit to Celsius with ease and the reading response time is just ≤500Ms.

 The 9-volt battery is enough to serve you for a long time and the auto turn-off function will help you to save power. There is a low battery alarm for you not to hang in the middle of your work.

Key Features:

  • FDA, FCC, CE compliant product.
  • Great response time of 0.5 second
  • Freezing points to boiling points reding capability
  • Suitable for any objects cooking, car, ice, etc.
  • LCD Backlit Display for clear visual
  • 16:1 distance-to-spot ratio for accurate measurement
  • Infrared thermometer cooking.




In conclusion, ETEKCITY is the leader in the infrared thermometer market. This company really has a versatile number of products and services. They always keep their goodwill. This model is perfect laser thermometer for cooking.

Customer Rating:

HUHETA Thermometer:

HUHETA thermometer is our #5 choice according to its quality and functionality. This is an All-Round performer as it has the measuring capability of all. At first, child, kids, and adults. Then, liquid, object, indoor, outdoor, food, cooking, etc. measurement capability. Just a click and you will get the clinically accurate result within a second.
In contrast, Huheta thermometer has a strong feature of clear four-color changeable LCD. This LCD can change according to the temperature. The in-built sound system will let you know through the alarm of high temperature.  The four in one reading mode includes Ear, Forehead, Room, and Object. However, this feature can be accessed with one click.
Huheta Thermometer is BPA and latex-free, and with a magnetic probe cover for sterile use. Four colors (blue, green, orange, and red) with temperature and fever indicators.

Key Features:

  • Memory Storage of 40 Readings
  • Great response time of 1 second
  • Four Reading Modes with 4-Color Display
  • Built-in Mute Function with Fever Alarm
  • Switchable Between °C and °F
  • Automatic Power Off for Long Battery Life



Bottom Line:

In Conclusion, Carefully look at the features of HUHETA THERMOMETER– 10 memory storage, Alarm & mute, All-rounder, Fast reading, 4 reading moods. What more to expect from one of the Best Laser Temperature Gun!

Maylatte Digital Laser Temperature Gun: Most Accurate for Objects

Customer Rating:

Maylatte Temperature Gun:

Maylatte is at the position of #6 in our ranking. It has a versatile design and the function to serve you the accurate result in half a second. With built-in 12-point aperture let you target the area with ease. In fact, the strong and accurate results will be displayed in a full view colored LCD panel. The view is crystal clear and easy to understand immediately.
The powerful feature is – you can measure the surface temperature, ambient temperature. Also can measure humidity simultaneously within 0.5 seconds. The adjustable emissivity function will let you collect the most accurate data. It can collect data from a variety of measurements. Emissivity is adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0, which literally covers almost all the substances we know.

Some other features are – The red warning function. The result value will pop up when it is out of the range you set. Backlit is noticeable in the dark. Auto power on/off function within 25 seconds of inactivity. Easy Celsius to Fahrenheit changing mode, and Low battery indicator, and many more.

This is the best infrared thermometer for pizza oven.

Key Features:

  • Color LCD Display
  • Great response time of 0.5 second
  • The target distance ratio is 12:1
  • Built-in 12 Points and Temperature Alarm
  • Switchable Between °C and °F
  • Automatic Power Off within 25 seconds for Long Battery Life
  • Can read almost all like cooking, car engine, heater, stove, water, ice, etc.




In conclusion, a precise temperature gun with just 0.5s response. Great emissivity adjustment. The upper temperature rating is 800 degrees Celcius. Auto power on/off function. Finally, This product is our Second Choice as it is only for objects.

HOTODEAL Infrared Thermometer: The Best All-Rounder

Customer Rating:

HOTODEAL Thermometer:

Hotodeal Thermometer is #7 position in our ranking. This is also a high-quality temperature reader for humans and objects. It will provide you the accurate reading day and night without any hustle. You can read the temperature from a distance of almost 2 inches. It will protect you from the cross-infection of many people.

Easy switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit for the needs of the different districts. It can be handy also for different people or using habits. HOTODEAL THERMOMTER can measure adults, kids, infants. Also as well as any aged people temperature within a second with the most accuracy. The object model is also handy for measuring the temperature.
There is 10 record storage of readings in this thermometer. Recall the result when you need it without any problem. The LCD has 3 different result colors of fever. Green is for normal temperature; Yellow is for low fever and the Red is for high fever. Hotodeal Thermometer is a compleate infrared thermometer.

Key Features:

  • Object and Human Measurement Function
  • Color LCD Backlit display with 3 different warning color
  • Great response time of 1 second
  • Can be used in office, home, company, restaurant, etc.
  • Instant unit conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit



Bottom Line:

Maybe the last but not least. This all-rounder has all the qualities of the best infrared thermometer.

How to choose the right and accurate thermometer?

At first, make a proper choice to buy a non-contact thermometer. It would be best if you considered something which is serving your purpose. If you buy a thermometer that is not working for you, then it will hurt. For example, you bought a non-human measuring thermometer for reading your fever. From now on, we will show you the right thermometer choosing guide.

Temperature Reading Time: 0.5 Second to 1 Second
Price Range From- $18.00 to $99.99
Should Contain in the Box-
2 AAA Batteries, Your Chosen Product, Instruction Book or DVD
Necessary Checklists-
Insert Battery and Power your device on. Ensure the temperature output value, whether it may be Celsius or Fahrenheit. The laser Guide is Straight and Accurate.

Please Consider the following meters.


At first, the first impression is the best; we all know that. If our product doesn’t have the look of our choice, it won’t make us happy, So, choose the design first.

Purpose of Serving

Then, the purpose of buying. Different types of thermometers are available in the market right now. Some of them are only for body temperature measures we have described earlier. The others are non-human thermometers like ETEKCITY 630. So, if you want to buy a thermometer for a room, air-condition, cooking items. Or for coffee, frying items, car engine maintenance, ice. So, it would be best to choose the non-human thermometer. Otherwise, it would help if you went for the other option of human temperature measuring thermometers.

Measuring Speed

After that, you can consider the measuring speed. There are lots of non-contact thermometers in the market right now. But some of them come with the outstanding performance of measuring speed. Undoubtedly, you can choose from an average of 1 (one) second results. We have reviewed such products earlier. Some of them have a 1-second reading, and some of them have a 0.5-second reading.

Accuracy of Reading (Quality IR Sensor)

Now the most important part of the thermometer. If you buy such a product which have a lower grade infrared sensor, you definitely won’t get the exact result. Accuracy is the prime issue of the infrared thermometer. Would you mind choosing the product with the quality and the latest technology used for their IR sensor?

Adjustable Emissivity

Then again, the emissivity to consider. In a multi-surface working thermometer, you have to measure different types of objects. Freezing ice, boiling oil, air-conditioner temperature, stove temperature. Wood, plastic, metal, etc., as well as the human body temperature. All you have to confirm that you select the right emissivity for the accurate result.

Temperature Range and Detection Target Ratio

Similarly, the next feature you should lookout is the temperature range. Make sure it detects temperature from below freezing point to over the boiling point. The best types are from -58℉ to 1022℉/ -50℃ to 550℃. So, consider this before buying a thermometer. The detection ratio is another important issue. Some of the thermometers come with the laser guide of 16:1 ratio. Some others with 12:1 ratio, and some are different. Therefore, choose from 12:1 or 16:1 for the best accuracy.

Finally, The Price

What is the main purpose of you buying an infrared thermometer? How often will it work for you? Some low-budget thermometers can serve your purpose as well. All things considered, please choose the right one for you.

What Are Infrared Thermometers Used For?

The first thing to remember, there are different use of an infrared thermometer. We can measure our body temperature. Also, we can measure an object’s temperature like a car engine, air conditioner, room, or many other things. Some of the main reasons are here-

  • Body Temperature- After all, we are passing through COVID-19. It is the time of being more conscious and confident. If we have a fever, we should immediately measure it. Here comes the use of a body temperature reader.
  • Cooking- When you are cooking, sometimes you need to know the accurate temperature many times with infrared grill thermometer. We have reviewed some of them earlier. These temperature guns are soo accurate that you will be amazed.
  • Car Maintenance- If you are in trouble with your car, an infrared thermometer can help you find the solution. It can measure the car engine temperature with very accuracy.
  • Room Temperature- If you need to test the real temperature of your Air Conditioner or you have to measure your living room’s temperature, Some temperature guns do it from -32 degrees to 1202 degrees Celcius.
  • Many More- You can measure almost every object or animal’s temperature, including humans with most infrared thermometers.

How to Properly Use Infrared Thermometers?

Infrared thermometers use batteries for power. At first, check the battery is installed correctly. Then switch the device on. After that, find out the toggle switch between the Object mode and the Human mode.

If your device came with an instruction manual, then, Obviously, it is easy to read. So, please read it carefully. It will help you to adjust some complex options like emissivity adjustment or distance ratio measurement.

However, the more closely your device will be, the more accurate result you will get. Finally, target your object with the help of the laser guide. 

Do not use your device directly into the reflective surface or smoky conditions. As a result, it may show wrong readings. Some of the best infrared thermometers come with internal emissivity functions. Adjust the emissivity before changing the surface of the measurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most accurate and best infrared thermometer brands are-
  • WITHINGS non-touch forehead thermometer – Best Value
  • REED R2310 instruments thermometer – Best for Objects
  • JUMPER infrared thermometer – All-rounder for family
  • ETEKCITY 630 Dual Laser thermometer – Long ranger
  • HOTODEAL non-contact thermometer – The best all-rounder
  • Outlooking
  • Purpose of Serving
  • Measuring Speed
  • Accuracy of Reading (Quality IR Sensor)
  • Adjustable Emissivity
  • Temperature Range and Detection Target Ratio
Many thermometers maintain our requirements. Some of them are-
  • ETEKCITY 630 Dual Laser – The Long Ranger
  • REED R 2310 – The Best for Objects
  • HUHETA – The Best for Home Uses
  • ZOTO Digital Temperature Gun – The Most Accurate

Take Away

At this time, one of the best laser temperature gun is essential now for every home. If you want to use this product for your family, You can choose HUHETA Infrared Thermometer. It has all the qualities of a great non-contact infrared thermometer. Otherwise, you can choose ETEKCITY 630 Dual Laser for object temperature detection if you have a plan for your factory or car readings or something like this. 
However, all the products reviewed above are the best in quality and the best value for your money. So, choose wisely, live well.
Hope this review will help you to choose the right laser temperature gun.

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