Best Pulse Oximeter: A Real Friend

Best Pulse oximeter: Find Your Oxigen Level Instantly

This is the crucial period of our life. Now we are passing through the COVID-19. We have to be cautious every time for the safety of ourselves and our family. Thankfully, we have some awesome gadgets in the market right now for keeping us safe and healthy. Such a gadget is the best pulse oximeter. This device is great for measuring the oxygen level of any one of your family immediately when it needs the most.

In this article, we have chosen and brought to you the most effective and quality pulse oximeter and pediatric pulse oximeter for the positive customer review.

What is Pulse Oximeter for?

A pulse oximeter is a real-time checking of blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and heart rate. It can be handy and most useful for tracking the COVID-19 symptoms.

The Best Uses of Pulse Oximeter-

The pulse oximeter is essential for patients with lung diseases, asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Chronic Bronchitis, etc., for the measurement of the oxygen levels of the blood, personal blood pressure check, and the heart rate. Though it is mainly for the doctors or hospitals, you can try it home for your safety now.

7 Best Pulse Oximeter Review

We have shorted out the 7 best pulse oximeters for the professional review in this article. The main base of this review is the customer review. We have cautiously followed thousands of positive reviews of the following products and brought to you with full details descriptions-

Zacurate Pro Series 500DL - Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Royal Black)

Customer Review:
Zacurate Pro Series:

The leader in pulse oximeter manufacturing market is of course ‘Zacurate’. This product has over 44,000 + customers reviews in Zacurate Pro Series is manufactured with the CE and FDA standards. These standards are set for pulse oximeter design. It is most accurate and reliable to determine the blood oxygen level (SpO2) within +/- 2% deviation.

One of the amazing features of this product is the value of the blood oxygen level. This product can reach the SpO2 level value up to 100%. The font facing large LED display will show you the result immediately. Just put your finger into the pulse oximeter and press a button, you will get the accurate result immediately, as simple as that.

More Specialty:

The finger chamber is made with the high-quality silicone which is medical grade and is free from hypoallergenic and latex free. This chamber comes with a smart spring system which will allow wide range of finger size from the age of 12 to elderly person.

Anyone can determine the blood oxygen level, pulse rate, and pulse strength within just 10 seconds. This product can be used by the mountain climbers, skiers, bikers, and specially in COVID-19 symptoms to identify earlier.     

Easy battery removal case with a 40hrs of battery life, the low battery indicator and the auto power off function after 16 seconds also handy features to make a strong statement of the quality of this product.

Can read and display up to 100% of Sp02Not suitable for the tiny fingers
Smart finger chamber for wide range of age
Can get readings even if blood perfusion level is lower than 0.2%
Hypoallergenic and latex free
Pulse rate range is from 30 to 250 bpm
1 Year manufacturer warranty

Bottom Line:

Zacurate Pro Series is the top rated pulse oximeter now. It has a standard that will not disappoint you at all. 

Zacurate 500BL (Navy Blue)

Customer Review:
Zacurate 500BL (Navy Blue):

Another Zacurate pulse oximeter is ranked #2 in our review. This product also has more than 23,850 + ratings on Without any problem, this product can accurately read the blood oxygen level with one button press.

The LED type display shows the result of SpO2 levels, Pulse rate BPM, Pulse bar graph, and Battery level indicator. Just one click operation will instantly display the result. The large output is very clear to understand any time of the day in full sunlight or darkroom.

Other Facilities:

This product can accurately determine the SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) within +/- 2% deviation and display at the range of 0% to 99%. The pulse rate range is great from 25bpm to 250bpm with the resolution of 1bpm and with +/-3bpm of accuracy.

The operation is as easy as one click. Put your finger into the chamber which is made with medical grade silicone and smart spring system will accommodate almost all types of fingers over 12 years of age. Press the power button and almost instantly see the result.

The high-quality ABS plastic shield will confirm the accuracy of the reading in all weather and protect it from several damages. The quick snap-off battery cover allows to replace easily with couple of AAA size battery.

Can read and display up to 99% of SpO2Not suitable for the tiny fingers
Smart finger chamber for wide range of age
High-quality ABS plastic shield
Easy to use, One button operation
Pulse rate range is from 25bpm to 250 bpm
1 Year manufacturer warranty

Another Zacurate is #2 position of our review. None the less of its quality ensures that. Hopefully you will like the features of this Navy Blue color champ.

Facelake® FL400 Pulse Oximeter

Customer Review:
Facelake® FL400:

Our #3 ranking is Facelake FL400 pulse oximeter. It can easily determine your blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. It can read the oxygen level and pulse rate on the go. So, you can get your reading while running, biking, swimming, and any working you do.

The FL400 can determine the oxygen level in several seconds, but for more the most accuracy it takes 24 seconds. It has the BPM range from 30 to 240. This product comes with a nylon caring case along with 2 AAA batteries and 1 lanyard.

Other Features:

One of the best features of this product is the 1-year warranty and the support. The US based support team available in Illinois by phone and e-mail to support the customer always.

This device fits almost all fingers, but fingers that are too small show mixed result. The spring system will fit the finger and the laser will pass through the finger to determine the level of blood saturation level. Ultimately, the ergonomic design will help to get the maximum result easily.

Can measure SpO2 within 10 secondsNot suitable for the tiny fingers
This device adjusted for small to large fingers
Ergonomic design with lightweight materials
Easy to use and battery removal
Pulse rate range is from 30bpm to 240 bpm
1 Year manufacturer warranty
Bottom Line:

Finally, Facelake is one of the great product with accurate reading. With easy battery removal option this product is handy. Use this for instant and accurate result.


Customer Review:

This is SANTAMEDICAL generation 2 pulse oximeters to determine the oxygen level with a smart and precise way. This is our #5 ranked pulse oximeter for its quality and customers review. This product is newly upgraded for the best performance. It has 8,800 + ratings on

Santamedical is clinically tested and proven product for its consistent result. It determines almost 100% accurate readings of SpO2. It also determines the pulse rate and pulse strength. The result will be displayed in a red clear LED within 8 to 10 seconds. The bright display is large enough to view the desired clear result even in the sunlight and same in the night.

The smart design allows a range of fingers to measure the SpO2. The chamber is made with high-quality silicone materials which is latex free. So, you can use it without any hustle and allergenic problem.

This pulse oximeter is small enough to carry with easily and can easily be used everyday life. The light weight and compact design are suitable for use in sports and aviation. This device also idles for reading the SpO2 level while climbing, cycling, running, biking, etc.

Measure SpO2 within 8 secondsNot suitable for the tiny fingers
Brighter display to view easily
30+ hours of continuous monitoring
Easy to use and battery removal
The reading accuracy is about 100%.
Hypoallergic and latex free silicone chamber
1 Year manufacturer warranty
Bottom Line:

Only 8 seconds reading time, Big bright display, 30+ hours monitoring. This product could be the deal of the day.

INNOVO Deluxe iP900AP (OLED)

Customer Review:

INNOVO is another great product which is FSA or HSA eligible in Innovo is a registered trademark of USPTO, and it is designed in the USA. With only 0.11 Kilogram weight, this is one of the most portable products with accurate result. The perfusion index level is + / – 2% for the most accuracy. The oximeter that includes both plethysmograph and perfusion index in same device. This product performed great during the clinical trail then the other products.

INNOVO launched this product with the upgraded hardware and software versions. There is a built-in auditory alarm to warn you when the SpO2 and Pulse Rate are beyond set limits. This can be muted for convenience.

The multi-dimensional display will let you to rotate the display in 6 different way to get the result as ease as you can read. You can choose the different layout which one you want. The high-quality OLED screen will display the crystal-clear readings Infront of you without any laggings.

The SpO2 range is from 35% to 100% with the accuracy rate of + / – 2%, SpO2 resolution is + / – 1%, Pulse rate range is from 25bpm to 250bpm with the accuracy of + / – 2bpm, the pulse rate resolution is + / – 1bpm, and the perfusion index is from 0.1% to 10%.

High-Quality OLED large displayNot suitable for the tiny fingers
Multi-dimension supports up to 6 layouts
40+ hours of continuous monitoring
Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index (PI) in one device
The reading accuracy is about 100%.
Hypoallergic and latex free silicone chamber
1 Year manufacturer warranty

Huge monitor with OLED panel makes this product a real champ. The accuracy and the materials are also noticeable. Performance is also impressive.

YAMAY Smart Watch 2020 Version

Customer Review:

Now time for smart watch to look at, YAMAY Smart Watch 2020 Version is our #8 ranking in terms of rating and the quality it possesses. It is really smart as it can be used as fitness tracker along with blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, heart rate monitor, etc.

This smart watch is capable of tracking your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level in a very convenient way. It also can automatically track your steps, distance of travel, calories burned and sleep quality as like as an assistant. This product is handy for accurately determine the blood oxygen saturation level and display it in the monitor.

One full charge of 2 hours gives this watch to run for the 7 days working time with IP68 waterproof standards. Work, swim, wash hand, etc. but nothing to worry about. This product also has the features like breath guide, alarm clock, vibration, stop watch, music controller, and many more.

Another awesome feature is the massage, call receive from phone, email, calendar alerts, social media massages for always update, etc. Sync able with android, iPhone, and other smartphones. The 9 sports mode can easily adjust with the exercise type you do.

IP68 certified waterproof Different technology to determine SpO2
Heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2 monitor
Automatic step and sleep tracker
Fitness tracker with 9 sports mode
Call, massages alert
Long battery life with magnetic charging
Bottom Line:

This smart watch is really cool. It has blood pressure, heart rate, and SpO2 monitor. It also has step and sleep tracker. 

iProven Pulse Oximeter (Black)

Customer Review:

Our #10 and last but not least ranking pulse oximeter is iProven Pulse Oximeter. The reading of this device is accurate and most consistent. Make sure your nails are nude without nail polished, warm and fuzzy, and it will show you the most accurate result in a clear large display.

The healthy blood oxygen level is between 95% to 100%, iProven has the built-in alarm technology which will automatically notify you when O2 levels drops below 94% and the pulse rate is higher than 130bpm and lower than 50bpm. So, you not need to think the numbers anymore.

Special Offer: 

The iProven Plus giving the customers a non-questionable 30 days money back guarantee.

Large OLED display with barNot suitable for children
Automatic alarm system for lower SpO2 level
Heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2 monitor
Fits wide range of fingers
30 days money back guarantee
1 Year manufacturer warranty
Bottom Line:

Large OLED display, heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2 monitors. Standard warranty with money back policy. Finally, the build in alarm system makes this device choice able to all.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Which Pulse Oximeter Brand is Most Accurate?

1 – Zacurate Pro Series Pulse Oximeter.
2 – Santamedical Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.
3 – Facelake® Pulse Oximeter.
4 – Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.
5 – iProven Pulse Oximeter.

Q: What is Doctor’s Choice Pulse Oximeter Brand?

INNOVO is another excellent product that is FSA or HSA eligible in Innovo is a registered trademark of USPTO and designed in the USA. The multi-dimensional display will let you rotate the show in 6 different ways. So, you can get the result within a second. Doctors and Hospitals use this as it has the ability of SpO2 range from 35% to 100%. It has the accuracy rate of + / – 2%, SpO2 resolution is + / – 1%. The pulse rate range is from 25bpm to 250bpm with an accuracy of + / – 2bpm. The pulse rate resolution is + / – 1bpm, and the perfusion index is from 0.1% to 10%.

Q: How Accurate are Finger Pulse Oximeters?

It is also important to note that pulse oximeters readings may vary in different situations. The finger chamber, along with the finger thickness, is the most common of them. About 80 percent to 90 percent of reading results can be wrong for this reason. Finger chamber cleanliness issue is another option. Remember all these, most of the pulse oximeters are accurate in reading, and we have reviewed only the most accurate ones here.

Q: How Does a Finger Pulse Oximeter Work?

According to the WHO, all pulse oximeters have light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that shine two red light types through the tissue. This passing light picks up by the sensor of another side of the tissue. The oximeter can determine which hemoglobin is in pulsatile blood (arterial). Thus it determines the SpO 2 of arterial blood in the peripheral circulation.
Take Away:

A pulse oximeter is an important product. It can save our life. Especially conditions like this pandemic. Choose your product according to the condition below-

  1. Design and Outlooking.
  2. SpO2 Reading Levels.
  3. Other special features.
  4. Reading Accuracy.
  5. Finger fitness ability.
  6. Battery quantity and life.
  7. And finally the price.

According to us, you can go for INNOVO DELUXE or ZACURATE PRO.

Hope this review will help you to choose the best pulse oximeter.


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