FELIWAY Optimum: Enhanced Calming Pheromone For 30 Days


No more curling and conflicts between your cats and get the comfort and calm environment at your home!


The 6 refills will last six months and make your home calm and comfortable for living with your lovely pet.


Key Features-

  • VET recommended calming and comforting spray for your beautiful cat.
  • Stops urine spraying, scratching, tension, conflicts, etc.
  • Creates a calm environment and bonding between pets.
  • 700 Square Feet of long-distance coverage for maximum effects.
  • More than 7000 customers have positive reviews on Amazon

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Special Benefits-

  1. Effective Pheromone Technology-
    Feliway Optimum Enhanced Pheromone is one of the best solutions to make your cats calm better than ever! It has 25 years of stress-relieving goodwill and expertise. Nine out of ten cats show an improvement in urine spraying using this fantastic spray. The central fact is it can help your cat feel calmer in stressful situations.Feliway_Difusers_Main_Features_2
  2. Reduce Common Stress of Cats-
    Cats have many stress signs especially when you have more than one. They get angry with each other, quarrel, spray urine, scratch, hide, and many more. Sometimes it happens when you have to change places, travel or transport them, do pet visits, and so on. Feliway is the right choice to keep your cats calm and stress-free with this most effective diffuser.
  3. Great for Every Pet Lover-
    Pheromone is the scientific name of a cat’s natural communication process. Feliway diffusers can boost the positive and effective pheromones to keep your cats calmer and happier. Now get happy with your lovely cats and other family members. This diffuser can be a great gift idea for your friends who have lovely cats.

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